Wednesday, 21 February 2007

email Subscriptions Update

Hi there, Fiona here again!

The Web Pro that I am, I've just found my subscription confirmation email in my gmail spam folder! So if anyone else doesn't receive it, it might be wise to check there too!

The updates I believe are set to be sent at a specific time each day (if new posts have gone live) so this may be a few hours after the post goes live on the site. Now I'm subscribed, fingers crossed I will receive this update by email and to my RSS feed. Anyone else got the RSS feed updates working yet??


Tuesday, 20 February 2007

observations & thoughts so far

it is perfectly normal to walk around town and do your shopping with your hair in curlers – the bigger the curlers the cooler you are!

manhole covers are not a necessity. they prefer the huge deep hole in the middle of the pavement with no warning option – Bobby’s question “Is it Panama’s population control system?”

the more cracks in a taxis windscreen the higher the fare

never ask “Is this bus going to….?” their reply will always be “Yes” even if they aren’t going anywhere near where you need to go!!!

never expect hot water out of the tap marked “hot” it will always be out of the cold tap!!

how many lottery tickets does each Panamanian buy?? the streets are lined with stalls of people selling nothing but lottery tickets!!

will I ever have clean feet again!! ; )

see photo gallery for related photos. credit to Bobby as many of the photos are his!

Saturday, 17 February 2007

new RSS feed and email subscription

Hi all,
Message from Fiona, "Web Administrator"

I've set up links for you to subscribe to RSS feeds and email updates, but I'm not sure if they're working properly or not yet. I've subscribed myself to the email update but not yet received the confirmation email from Feedburner. Has anyone else had any luck with it?

Belinda, does the RSS feed work for you? Although this will only work when there are updates for you to check obviously. If you've done it before I post this blog then this will show up for you hopefully.

Let me know,


Saturday, 10 February 2007

still in panama city

The original plan was to leave Panama City on the 5th Feb, we are stuck waiting for 150 foot of anchor chain which Bobby has been promised for the last 3 months. It will arrive here on a ship from the States around the 24th Feb. As soon as we get it on board we can set off but in the mean time I’ll use the time to keep provisioning, stocking up and trying to get to grips with cooking on this boat! Very proud of my small achievements; coleslaw and chocolate brownies (obviously not together!) Yes I know getting to grips with the sailing stuff is slightly more important!

Have had the most amazing “mini break” (for all you Bridget Jones fans!). Bobby’s friends, Clyde & Mia, invited us to join them for a few days over on the Caribbean coast of Panama. We flew to Bocas Del Toro (north eastern coast of Panama for all those without an atlas!) and joined them on their boat, Kaleidoscope. What I didn’t realise is that I was about to have a taster of celebrity life for a few days – check out the next issue of Hello and OK magazines, you may just see me sunning myself on the deck of a luxury yacht pretending I didn’t call the paparazzi to come and take photos!! ; )
The boat was amazing, a 100 foot catamaran (check out the photos). Built by the owner, Clyde in his back garden! Oh yes you read correctly he built & designed it himself. That alone is amazing but then you see it and, the system’s he designed and adapted for different uses, it is just fantastic. Bigger than most people’s houses and has every luxury possible. Our cabin had a proper full size bed, flat screen tv and dvd player, but more importantly an en suite with shower and hot & cold water! As for the rest of the boat, where do I begin; 4 toilets, huge chest freezers (oh yes not just one!) 2 American style fridges, a proper cooker, washing machine and dryer. There are two separate lounge areas with corner sofas, a dining room and two workshops that seemed to be bigger than Bobby’s boat (Gilly you would be in DIY heaven!) Lifts took you down into the hulls and the forward deck could be big enough to play tennis. Ball boys needed, diving equipment provided!!!
We were totally spoilt by Mia and Clyde’s generosity and fantastic cooking – loved the pancakes and our midnight feasts of ice cream, Clyde, and Mia I’m still dreaming of your cheesecake and Thai green curry. A huge thank you to you both and big hugs to Kaiser, the softy guard dog who thinks he is human and prob hasn’t forgiven me for throwing him in the water!!

Bocus Del Toro was totally picturesque. Forested islands, with houses and restaurants on stilts overhanging the water. A laid back Caribbean feel to the place immediately put me in the mood for chilling in the hammock, sipping cocktails.

For now it’s back to the list of things to do and overcoming my total lack of Spanish. Somehow I’m managing to call on the radio for a launch to take me to the dock and ask the security guard for the key to the shower, I’m just at a loss when they divert from the script and end up looking blankly at them – nothing new there I know!